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r300_demo consists of a library that summarizes our best knowledge of how to program R300 GPUs as well as a small demonstration program that exercises this library.

At the moment this program has been found working with Radeon Mobility M10 chips, but there is also some (preliminary) code to get it to work with Radeon 9700 chips - this code has not been tested yet.

The README file contains more detailed (and up to date) instructions.


The latest source code is available directly from CVS.

Known working code:

  • CVS tag v_0_0_1 - demonstation of flat and textured primitives. Tested on Radeon Mobility M10 (RV350). Expected to work on Radeon 9700 as well.

What do you need to run r300_demo ?

  • X.org CVS tree as of 12/14/2004 or later.
  • drm module from DRI CVS of version 1.12.0 or later. Note: look in linux-core subdirectory.

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